Yogis have been promoting yoga for many centuries. Benefits of yoga go far and beyond improving balance and flexibility of the body to enhancing overall health of body and mind. Yoga also has numerous effects on our oral health. It relieves jaw pain, counteracts inflammation, improves blood circulation and keeps the gums and teeth healthy. […]

A regular oral hygiene routine with brushing, flossing and rinsing with a mouthwash is essential to keep your oral cavity healthy and your smiles; beautiful. But did you know nutrition has an important role to play in your oral health? How does nutrition and diet affect oral health? What is Nutrition? Nutrition can be defined […]

Cavities, tooth decay or dental caries are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of the teeth that result in tiny holes on the teeth. Signs of cavities One might not be aware that cavity is forming in their teeth. So, it is always necessary to watch out of the symptoms. Black or brown spots […]

Young and old at the same time. Treat them as children and they will feel insulted and show resentment. Treat them as adults and expect them to behave with maturity, they may find it difficult to stick to the rules. Puberty! As humans grow from children to adults they pass through a stage called adolescence. […]

We have some good news for those who do not have pearly whites! Yellow teeth have earned a bit of a bad reputation, but wait – there is another side to this story. The outer layer which is the enamel is bluish white in colour. The dentin which is below; is naturally yellow in colour. […]